Maya - The Lost Mother

Maya - The Lost Mother


Masud Pathik


Jotika Jyoti,Pran Roy,Syed Hasan Imam,Debashis Kaisar,Jhuna Chowdhury


1h 52min Minute's






Historical Romantic Drama


Dr. ManabiBosh is a war child. She was adopted by a childless couple through Mother Teresa orphanage in Kolkata and brought up there. She came to know about herself and her birth history by a letter kept by her foster mother in her death time. She is however a war child, a child of a BIRANGANA, raped and tortured in a concentration camp of Pakistani militarily in 1971 war. She came to Bangladesh for a research on war child here. She however introduced with Asiyabanu, a BIRANGANA in jayanagar village. There she came to know about her isolated family and harsh struggle of life. She met Kadarbanu,child of Asiya's later marital life and Jabbar Ali, who is also a war child himself. Kadarbanu died in a consequence of social exploitation. ManabĂ­ Ghosh felt a motherly form in Asiya, which she was looking for a long; but suddenly she felt a fetus is growing inside of her! Who did father the fetus, who is its father?

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