No Dorai

No Dorai


Taneem Rahman


Ayesha: Sunerah Kamal, Sohel: Sarifur Raaz, Amir: Sayed Babu, Esther: Josephine LIndegaard, Mark: Tommy


2h 27min Minute's







In a small beach town in Bangladesh, Ayesha and Sohel break out of social prohibitions and violent oppositions from their poverty-ridden conservative Muslim families to becoming successful surfers. Like a handful of other young boys and girls, they are trained by Amir, a self-made surfer, the first of its kind in Bangladesh. As this unusual surfing enthusiasm gets international attention from surfing community and docu-film makers, fund money generates jealousy, squabbles, and power tussles in the small town. Surfing brought newfound fame and glory to Sohel, which leads him to get derailed and seek an extravagant, reckless lifestyle in the capital city and failed relationship with Australian filmmaker, Esther. Ironically it is the ‘prohibited’ love for surfing that brings forced arranged marriage and a life of misery for Ayesha. Well-wishing foreigners bring Sohel back to surfing. And Ayesha, now divorced, gets reunited with Sohel - the common bond being surfing the ocean. These two ace surfers bonding unleashes a resurgence of unprecedented enthusiasm for surfing in this small beach town in a corner of Bangladesh. For the poverty-stricken youth of this beach town, surfing the ocean has now become a medium of ex<x>pression for freedom from the shackles of the land, an escape from the smallness and bigotry, a leap into the loftiness of the waves - in short, no less than a new way of life.

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